The programs in the table below are those that, after all the dust has settled, do not exist in any audible format. Those entries with a status of "S" exist as scripts and are included in this document. I have determined that five of the programs below were preempted by baseball games on the east coast.

Program Title Program Date Status
The Robert Perry Case (Audition)1/14/1949N
The Case of the Foxy Terrier4/8/1949N
Here Comes the Death of the Party7/17/1949S
How Much Bourbon Can Flow Under the Bridgework?7/31/1949S
Death Takes a Working Day8/14/1949S
How I Turned A Luxury Liner Into a Battleship8/28/1949S
The Diamond Protector Matter12/31/1949S
The Firebug Hunter Matter1/7/1950S
The Missing Chinese Stripper Matter1/14/1950S
The Tell-All Book Matter7/27/1950N
The Montevideo Matter12/23/1950S
The Rudy Valentine Matter12/30/1950S
The Adolph Schoman Matter1/6/1951S
The Weldon Bragg Matter1/27/1951S
The Monopoly Matter2/3/1951S
The Lloyd Hammerly Matter2/10/1951S
The Vivian Fair Matter2/17/1951S
The Emil Lovett Matter3/17/1951S
The Marie Meadows Matter5/12/1951S
The Jane Doe Matter5/19/1951S
The Blind Item Matter7/25/1951S
The Morgan Fry Matter8/8/1951S
The Cumberland Theft Matter8/22/1951S
The Rum Barrel Matter9/12/1951S
The Janet Abbe Matter10/20/1951S
The Paul Barberis Matter12/15/1951S
The Maynard Collins Matter12/22/1951S
The Baxter Matter1/12/1952S
The Yankee Pride Matter7/9/1952N
The Henry Page Matter7/16/1952S
The Montevideo Matter7/23/1952P1
The New Bedford Morgue Matter7/30/1952S
The Sidney Mann Matter8/6/1952S
The Tom Hickman Matter8/13/1952S
The Edith Maxwell Matter8/20/1952S
The Yankee Pride Matter8/27/1952S
The Montevideo Matter9/3/1952S
The Singapore Arson Matter11/28/1952S
The New Cambridge Matter12/19/1952S
The Lancer Jewelry Matter2/13/1953S
The Birdy Baskerville Matter3/10/1953S
The Bishop Blackmail Matter7/7/1953S
The Oscar Clark Matter9/15/1953S
The Draminski Matter1/19/1954S
The Aromatic Cicatrix Matter5/11/1954S
The Hamilton Payroll Matter9/5/1954S
The Great Bannock Race Matter9/12/1954S
The Upjohn Matter9/19/1954S
The McClain Matter - Ep 32/8/1956S
The Salt City Matter - Ep 24/3/1956S
The Lonely Hearts Matter - Ep 44/26/1956S
The Imperfect Alibi Matter - Ep 29/18/1956S
The Ellen Dear Matter - Audition1/29/1957S
The Golden Touch Matter2/17/1957S
The Hollywood Matter3/24/1957S
The Moonshine Murder Matter3/31/1957S
The Marley K Matter4/21/1957S
The Glacier Ghost Matter5/12/1957S
The Winnipesaukee Wonder Matter8/18/1957S
The Limping Liability Matter8/31/1958S
The Missing Matter Matter10/5/1958S
The Impossible Murder Matter10/12/1958S
The Monoxide Mystery Matter10/19/1958S
The Basking Ridge Matter10/26/1958S
The Crater Lake Matter11/2/1958S
The Close Shave Matter11/9/1958S
The One Most Wanted Matter11/23/1958S
The Perilous Parley Matter12/7/1958S
The Allanmee Matter12/14/1958S
The Telltale Tracks Matter12/28/1958S
The Love Shorn Matter1/18/1959S
The Curley Waters Matter2/1/1959S
The Clouded Crystal Matter3/1/1959S
The Negligent Nephew Matter5/3/1959S
The Gruesome Spectacle Matter9/27/1959N2
The Magnanimous Matter8/7/1960S
The Real Smokey Matter9/18/1960S
The Wrong Ending Matter12/11/1960S
The Art for My Sake Matter12/25/1960S
The True Love Matter1/1/1961S
The Planner Matter2/5/1961S
The Two Tired Matter2/26/1961S
The Purple Doll Matter5/7/1961P3
The Newark Stockbroker Matter5/14/1961P4
The Million Dollar Jewelry Matter6/18/1961P5
The Clever Crook Matter9/24/1961N
The Quiet Little Town in New Jersey Matter10/15/1961N
The Firebug12/10/1961N
The Gold Rush Country Matter1/14/1962N
The Wayward Clipper Matter6/10/1962S


  1. The Montevideo Matter broadcast on 7/23/1952 was preempted by the Democratic National Convention.
  2. The timeslot for Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar on 9/27/1959 was used to air a special starring Maurice Chevalier. There is no record of a program scheduled for this time and date.
  3. The Purple Doll Matter was preempted on the east coast by a baseball game between the NY Yankees and the Washington Senators (source: Washington Post and the New York Times).
  4. The Newark Stockbroker Matter was preempted in Washington by a baseball game with Cleveland, and in New York and Los Angeles by a Yankees game with LA.
  5. The Million Dollar Jewelry Matter was preempted in Washington by a baseball game between Washington and Boston.